• Personal information is requested to be updated if there is any change.
  • The Nonmember IDs for 2020 meeting participation (ID starting with 20-) have been deleted on September 30th, 2020.
    As the Nonmember ID for 2020 is expired, individuals who are planning to attend JpGU 2021 should oblain a new ID.
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  • Your session will expire in a few minutes after you log in.

* JpGU ID is required to attend JpGU - AGU Joint Meeting 2021.

How to Apply for JpGU Membership

Please read Information for Membership subscription
and then click the relevant button (either "JpGU Member / Associate Member" , "Nonmember / AOGS and EGU Members" or "AGU Member") below.

Membership Subscription / Create ID

JpGU Member / Associate Member

Nonmember / AOGS and EGU Member

Please read a Subscription Policy prior to your membership subscription. If you agree, enter your email address in the box below and proceed to the ID creation.

Please check mark "I Agree" if you agree to the Membership Subscription Policy and Precautions below.

  1. Once you create a Nonmember ID, we CANNOT change it to another ID category such as JpGU Members and JpGU ID for AGU Members.
    We also do not allow duplicate IDs holding.
  2. Nonmembers do not receive any discount on fees.
    A person considering acquiring a Nonmember ID is requested to be aware of the difference of the rates BEFORE creating a Nonmember ID.

<Annual Due>

- JpGU Member
  Regular, K-12 Teacher, Senior 2,000 JPY  
  Graduate Student 1,000 JPY  
- Associate Member
  (Undergraduate Student or younger)
0 JPY  
- Nonmember Free of Charge  
- AGU Member
  *Learn more
Free of Charge  

* K-12 Teacher rate is applied for elementary, junior high, high school and career college teachers.

JpGU - AGU Joint Meeting 2021 Registration Fee (Tax included)

Members of AGU, AOGS, EGU receive JpGU member discounted rate in registration fee.
Please refer to Meeting website.

Category JpGU Member Rate
(AGU, AOGS and EGU Member)
Nonmember Rate
Online participation Online participation
Regular 11,000JPY 22,000JPY
School Teacher 5,500JPY 11,000JPY
Graduate Student 5,500JPY 11,000JPY
Senior(70 or over) 5,500JPY 22,00JPY
Undergraduate Student or younger Free of charge

* School Teacher rate is applied for elementary, junior high, high school and career college teachers.
*1 Discount for Senior members is only applicable for Senior of JpGU members.
  Nonmember ID does not have a Senior category.
  Condition of discount for senior member of partner unions are subject to change every year.
  In 2021 meeting, senior member of AGU, AOGS and EGU will have no discount.

ID Categories

JpGU has some categories of ID as below.

Membership Category Annual Due JpGU Meeting Registration Fee Membership Duration
JpGU Member 2,000JPY for regular members
1,000JPY for graduate students.
Eligible for discounted registration fee. One year from April 1st to the following Match 31st, with automatic extension.
Associate Member
(For university undergraduate students, school students and those of equivalent status)
Free of charge Free of charge One year from April 1st to the following March 31st, with automatic extension provided the student has not completed their undergraduate degree.
Nonmember(Annual Meeting Temporary Member) Free of charge Required to pay full registration fee. Annual Meeting Temporary Memberships automatically expire on August 31st.

Members of AGU, AOGS and EGU are able to obtain a JpGU ID to use to attend the JpGU - AGU Joint Meeting 2021 as follows.

ID category How to Create an ID Annual Due Meeting Registration Fee
AGU Members Create through AGU website(>>Learn More Free of charge Eligible for JpGU member discounted rate on registration fee.
AOGS and EGU Members Register as a Nonmember(Annual Meeting Temporary Member) and select AOGS or EGU when asked about membership of other academic societies. Free of Charge Eligible for JpGU member discounted rate on registration fee.

* AGU, AOGS or EGU members who already have a JpGU ID are requested to use this ID and not to create a new one.

Steps to Acquire a JpGU ID

1. Please make sure you have read and understood Information about JpGU Membership.
2. After pressing the relevant button below (either "JpGU Member / Associate Member" or "Nonmember / AGU, AOGS and EGU Members") you will be asked to enter and submit your email address.
3. JpGU will send you an email containing a registration link (this email will come from regist@jpgu-member.org). Please click on the registration link to continue your registration.
4. JpGU Privacy Policy will be displayed: please read this and, if you agree, please click on the [I agree] button at the bottom.
5. Please follow the guidance on the following screens and enter the information requested. On the last screen please confirm the information you have entered and then click [Register] to complete your registration.
6. Your registration is complete. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.

JpGU Rules and Regulations

For further information about JpGU rules and regulations please see: